Monday, April 11, 2016

Movie review : BIG HERO 6

"BIG HERO" 6 is a computer animated superhero 3D Movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, based on The Marvel comics superhero team of the same name. The Movie was released on November 7th 2014, the movie directed by Don Hall, Co-Director of Winnie The Pooh, Chris William, and also Co-Director of The Bolt. It became 54th Movies in The Walt Disney Animated Classics Series.

If the general superhero looks cool and away from acts silly. As with the protagonist in “Big Hiro 6”. The creators of the superhero groups in this film are engineering students San-Fransokyo Institute of Technology. The team is composed of teenage nerd who acted far from being cool or like a mighty superhero characters over the years.
The main character in this movie is a Boy named Hiro and also The Robot called Baymax. Hiro Hamada also called Hiro, a robotics expert and graduated from high school at the age of 14 years old. Baymax is a robot that is strong, resilient, soft, and chewy like a marshmallow. It makes baymax into the character so enjoyable not to mention. Baymax is a genius and able to provide solutions for every problem that the team they face.

Although this is basically a children’s movie, “Big Hiro 6” capable of displaying complex emotional situations in the story.
It was characteristic that has always worked in Disney Movies capable of touching. "Big Hero 6" tells the pain of and achieve goals. Uniquely, it Baymax which is actually a robot become friends and were able to entertain at a time when sad. Friendship team and personal relationship between Hiro and his brother Tadashi Hamada, enough to make this movie touched the hearts of the audience
 “Big Hiro 6” can be a good learning for children to get to know the diversity. The reason, the characters in this film comes from a variety of race, but they remain compact in cooperation quell crime. Tadashi and Hiro Hamada, the main character, is a mulatto boy whites and Japan. Several other characters appear dark-skinned with curly hair, and there are also women who faced Asia.

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