Monday, May 23, 2016

Book review

The Mawar Merah Mosaik tells the story of Riva, a girl who is interested in her college friend, a new student named Elsa. Either Elsa or Riva has very different character. Riva is very easygoing, but Elsa prefer to secluded and read the book. However Elsa’s character precisely attracted Riva's attention. Riva felt that Elsa had a mystery, and she wanted to know about that mystery. Although it was initially difficult, Riva finally become close with Elsa. not only Riva, but also Arga who were attracted by Elsa. It has made Riva dizzy. She was more dizzy knowing that Elsa rarely go to collage. And it was getting worse as soon as Saka's presence, her cousin who is a member of International Police. Saka suspect  Elsa as an international assassin who is being searched world wide. Of course Riva did not believe in saka's judgment. It is impossible that Elsa which has a calm and soft hearted was an assassin. Without conscious, Riva stuck in a conflict and massive conspiracy that has lasted for more than 10 years. Saka reinforces the nation that she is Mawar Merah. Mawar Merah is a member of the organization  of fund-SPIKE-assassin in the world. She did it because she wanted revenge for the death of her father.And it turns out Saka the alleged indeed, Elsa is Mawar Merah, whose real name Rachel Watson Sarasvati. It was known when Rachel fight with Oleg, one of the assassin, in the campus. Rachel realizes all of this has been set by SPIKE therefore she instantly fought with Jonathan Keisp-SPIKE-chairman of the organization that led to the alleged Mawar Merah have been Killed in the battle.

I think this book has a lot of mystery. It makes readers wonder whether or not they read the book until the end. And something that make this book interesting is a killer figure is a woman who is still very young and too pretty. Actually, this book has three series. mawar merah is first series, the second and third book are mawar merah metamorfosis and mawar merah matahari. unfortunately, I have not read the second and third series of the book. I hope i can read it as soon as possible.
Although the theme of this novel is action, there are some parts that I think is quite touching ,when Rachel or Elsa find her mother's diary which contains stories of his mother when her mother was young once , and when it began to unfold Elsa real identity is a very dangerous killer.

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