Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How To Do The Good Business

Talking about money may be very sensitive in everyday life, because of the money we can live. If talking about money in front of people who are financially less, then it is an act that might make the person hurt. However, in this case you should make the person feel excited to try more when talking about money, do not even show off what you have while the person is a person who is lacking in financial circumstances. In addition, the person also has a family that they must giving care. So, it would be nice not to talk about money, because you better talk about how your business so that people can be encouraged to become someone like you.

Tips In Entrepreneurship When You Get A Little Bit Opportunity

One of them internet, the internet is a discovery that is a lot of benefits though it is also a lot of fraud that is often done by some people who have not been aware of the disadvantage in disadvantage. However, we must take the good of the internet for our business opportunity. That science of anything you can find on the internet. Science that can support your success, because whatever the effort as long as you are able to do and indeed put seriousness in the run, then actually the success is in front of your bathroom door. So close, but you do not realize that you can just find your success even in front of the bathroom though.

However, if you have already succeeded, as you said earlier, you should not talk about money with the other person. You should talk about how you try to finally succeed. Because a successful entrepreneur never makes money as a target, but a supporter to run the business. So, it is not fitting you emphasize to your friend about how your financial circumstances now.They actually also have understood that you are a person who is in sufficient financial condition and no shortage when you just talk about how do you run your business.

Event Organizer Is A New Business Opportunity

In this article we will discuss a little about what an event organizer. Because very many people who want to hold big or small events but they can not run it for reasons of business and others.If indeed for reasons of busyness, they are one of the few who really need the services of an event organizer. Basically, the event organizer is an organization or group of people who are structured and prioritize a cooperation in running an event. So, here means the event organizer is a group of people who are to unite their mind and energy to run an event or event of others.

Tips For Managing An Event Organizer

As already said earlier that if you talk more deeply about the event organizer you will find everything related to the running of an event from the start of the concept of the event until the end of the event. So what does the event organizer do for people who rent his services? Actually the work done by the event organizer is a job that can be done by the tenant if the tenant does not have busy but has a group of people who will be divided duties. But nowadays, people have their own preoccupation, so to conduct an event it is certain that they will not take the time to think about the concept of the show until the event runs and ends.

All of these are business opportunities for those of you who really understand the market. It's been proven that this business opportunity is very likely to make a profit. You will work with a team that you have formed with a different job desk and will run the event from someone who really if he conceptualize until running the event to completion is a loss that will be experienced, because they will leave the busy. So, simply the event organizer is in charge of backing up people who have a busy life that if the bustle left behind would have experienced material loss. It is not worth the event organizer pay to conceptualize to end the event, be it a wedding, birthday and so forth.

Make Failure As A Lesson In Entrepreneurship

There are so many causes of failure that you will experience. For that, this article is made for those of you who want to stay away from failure in entrepreneurship. However, we as human beings can only trust where we do things with the maximum and only destiny ofgod who can determine what will become our future. So, the real cause of the failure that often happens is one of them because the entrepreneur is fooled by business colleagues. This could happen because you are too trusting of someone. Good people who already know any, should you put suspicion in it. Not accusing, but you must keep the name of the fraud happen.

Tips In Running Event Organizer Business

If you are already deceived, then you should make it a lesson for you, that you should continue to put suspicion on anyone so that someone can avoid the deception that will do. Make it a reference in your principles, because if you still have a bad taste for someone. Then there is their chance to immediately deceive you in a partner that you have built even decades. Everyone can change, pay attention to the track record not until you can not read the atmosphere like a scam that will be your own business partners.

As an entrepreneur, you should have a strong mentality to continue in the entrepreneurial world. Because as already mentioned that make the failure is a lesson for you, and you certainly will not repeat the incident a second time. Actually the business opportunity you are looking for is already in front of your eyes, that is all the business you do will be great if you run it with seriousness and determination strong, besides you have to follow your prayer in your business journey. Because, whatever you do is not maximal if not coupled with prayers for what you want can be realized smoothly.

The Popular Convection Business

Convection business today looks very promising, because everyone now wants to use convection services to make uniforms or clothing in large quantities. The clothes produced in large quantities is one of the needs of society at this time. The number of communities became one of the causes of the success of this business opportunity. You can imagine for yourself if everyone can follow at least 2 communities. Because usually every community is doing activities, they will memebuat uniformity to arise the intimacy of each member of the community. It can be done within 1 year, but within a period of 1 year they will make the event at least 2 times a year. That's just one community, what if there are 100 communities that are bound or subscribed to you, and each community makes at least 100 shirts every time it is made. It should be underlined that it is just a newly recorded community, not yet a school or college.
What It Takes For Entrepreneurship In The Field Of Convection
If you are very serious to run the convection business then there are some things you should prepare. First example in amateri preparation, that is mental, your ideas and your confidence. Preparation is the capital for you to run a business that you believe will be successful later. If you have prepared the capital, you will prepare a second capital, namely convection equipment such as sewing machines, embroidery machines, manual screening tool / automatic. Actually it can you know yourself when you have run it. The last important thing is the market share or place you give your convection services.
Lots of profits in this convection business, not just a matter of money you will get. When it comes to business, all will be money later, stay back to ourselves. Whether we can succeed in the business we are running at the time. Advantages here besides money is a matter of lawful and certainly can be a big company even branched if you are serious and know well about the marketing system that will make your business known by many people.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Internet adalah Nyata Bagi Sebuah Bisnis

Saat ini, dunia termasuk Indonesia sudah diperkosa oleh internet. Internet kali ini sudah mencapai batas yang hampir maksimal dan artinya kehidupan manusia bukan hanya dijalanan atau di tempat-tempat umum yang berpotensi untuk mengubah sifat seseorang. Internet adalah dunia yang bisa dikatakan nyata dan sebagai candu bagi para penikmatnya. Dalam hal ini, saya rasa dunia nyata sudah bisa tergantikan oleh internet. Maksudnya disini adalah dalam segi pencarian jati diri misalnya, manusia sudah bisa berinteraksi dengan jutaan manusia lainnya walaupun tubuhnya tidak beranjak dari tempatnya saat itu. Hal ini sebagai bukti bahwa dalam hal apapun, manusia, termasuk anda saat ini sudah bisa melakukan hal apapun di internet tersebut. Dengan begitu, dengan mengandalkan internet, setiap orang sepertinya sudah bisa melakukan kegiatan sehari-harinya yang biasa dilakukan di dunia nyata.

Pada artikel kali ini, saya akan membuktikan bahwa beberapa kegiatan seperti mencari uang termasuk bekerja dan menjalankan bisnis bisa anda lakukan dengan mengandalkan internet. Sebagai contoh, yaitu artikel ini sendiri. Sebelum ada internet biasanya anda harus mendatangi sebuah seminar yang akan memberikan anda ceramah tentang hal yang ingin anda tahu. Anda harus mengambil sekolah tinggi yang mempelajari hal yang ingin anda pelajari. Namun dengan adanya Internet, dalam konteks pembelajaran tersebut maka saya adalah pembelajar bagi anda. Anda tidak lagi harus mencari seminar kesana kemari, tinggal cari ketik di mesin pencari yang ada di handphone anda. Misalkan anda ingin mencari sebuah informasi tentang bisnis yang bisa anda lakukan di era internet ini. Maka anda telah menemukan blog atau tulisan yang saya buat untuk memberikan informasi tentang bisnis. Anda sudah bisa memilih beberapa tulisan yang menurut anda menarik dan cocok bagi diri anda.

Lanjut kepada apa yang harus anda lakukan dengan mengandalkan internet ini agar anda bisa mendapatkan uang secara mudah seperti apa yang dilakukan orang-orang sebelum adanya internet ini. Seperti yang sudah kita sepakati bersama bahwa kali ini di internet anda sudah bisa mencari uang seperti yang saya gambarkan diatas. Beberapa bisnis yang cocok untuk anda lakukan dengan hanya mengandalkan internet adalah sebagai berikut.

1.       Jasa Translate,
Dalam hal ini anda yang mempunyai keahlian lebih dalam kebahasaan, anda bisa memanfaatkannya menjadi sebuah uang. Sebenarnya anda tinggal membuat situs atau sebuah iklan yang akan membawa pelanggan menuju kepada anda. Setidaknya, buatlah ketentuan dalam masalah harga, berapa harga jasa translate anda dalam jumlah 1.000 kata misalnya. Dengan meletakkan harga tersebut, maka setiap orang yang melihat iklan atau situs anda akan memilah mana yang cocok bagi mereka, apakah harga yang anda berikan atau yang orang lain berikan.

2.       Toko Pakaian,
Pakaian mencakup berbagai aspek atau jenis pakaian itu sendiri, seperti misalkan kemeja dan sepatu. Saat ini, toko yang harus anda sewa untuk meletakkan dagangan anda hanya dapat diakses oleh beberapa orang tertentu yang lokasinya berdekatan dengan toko anda. Berbeda dengan internet, bahwa orang di seluruh dunia sudah bisa melihat barang dagangan anda. Dalam hal ini sepertinya bukan hanya pakaian yang bisa anda jajahkan dengan mengandalkan internet. Maksud saya adalah, apapun barang dagangan anda, jika anda sudah tau dan bisa memanfaatkan keberadaan internet yang sudah berkembang saat ini berarti anda adalah seorang pengusaha yang sukses.

Saat ini banyak sekali orang yang menggunakan internet hanya untuk bersenang-senang, sepertinya hal tersebut tidak masalah. Akan tetapi, perlu anda ketahui, jika anda adalah orang yang bersenang-senang sekalipun, anda juga bisa menjadi orang yang sukses dengan bersenang-senang di internet asalkan anda tahu bagaimana cara memanfaatkan internet tersebut. Tidaklah mustahil jika kebersenang-senangan anda tersebut dijadikan sebagai bisnis dan bisa menghasilkan uang dari internet.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Usaha Jasa Yang Sedang Booming

Banyak sekali usaha jasa yang dapat kita lakukan. Mengingat pada saat ini memang sudah terbukti bahwa usaha jasa lebih menguntungkan ketimbang usaha dagang. Hal tersebut terbukti dari beberapa hal yang akan saya jabarkan berikut:

Event Organizer

Usaha ini adalah sebuah usaha yang bergerak dibidang jasa pelayanan pembuatan event atau acara. Maksudnya disini adalah, ketika sebuah institusi atau sebuah komunitas ingin mengadakan acara Anniversary misalnya, Event Organizer ini sangat membantu tentunya.

Dikatakan membantu yaitu apabila sebuah komunitas ini beranggotakan orang-orang yang sangat sibuk dengan pekerjaannya. Maka dari itu, karena tugas dari Event Organizer di sini adalah untuk menjalani sebuah event, lalu komunitas yang saat ini sedang menjadi klien Event Organizer tersebut akan ditawarkan beberapa konsep acara oleh si Event Organizer tersebut.

Pertama-tama, Klien tersebut akan meminta Event Organizer untuk menjalani sebuah acara yang konten acaranya adalah untuk memperingati hari jadi komunitas tersebut. Hal itu adalah sebuah gambaran bagi Event Organizer untuk membuat konsep acara yang akan ditawarkan kepada kliennya. Konsep acaranya akan diterima oleh kliennya jika memang dirasa akan memuaskan dan yang paling penting adalah dananya yang minimum.

Konsep-konsep yang akan ditawarkan oleh Event Organizer tersebut biasanya berupa,
1. Panggung dan Tenda, 2. Konsumsi dari awal hingga akhir acara, 3. Penghibur atau Entertainer, 4. Pembawa Acara atau MC, yang berguna untuk selalu stay di atas panggung dan mengusahakan agar acara dapat terus berjalan menarik, 5. Sound System and Speaker, 6. Lighting, 7. Setting Panggung, 8. Kursi untuk pengunjung.

Beberapa konsep yang sudah dijabarkan tersebut akan berubah sewaktu-waktu tergantung dari tema acara, keinginan klien dan budget yang tersedia.

Tour and Travel,

Salah satu usaha yang bergerak di bidang jasa pelayanan traveling. Jasa ini sangat berguna bagi para turis baik turis domestik ataupun mancanegara. Jika kita ambil satu contoh dari turis mancanegara tersebut. Hal yang paling diinginkan oleh turis mancanegara atau biasa disebut 'bule' tersebut adalah sebuah tempat yang tidak seperti di negaranya.

Indonesia adalah negara yang beriklim subtropis, karenanya negara Indonesia ini menjadi sebuah sasaran atau destinasi yang diinginkan oleh turis mancanegara tersebut. Iklim subtropis yang sangat berbanding terbalik dengan iklim di negara mereka, memungkinkan bahwa turis tersebut mengajukan permintaan destinasi ke tempat yang berupa wisata alam.

Wisata alam sangatlah banyak di Indonesia, bahkan sampai-sampai sebuah perkampungan di daerah baturraden, purwokerto misalnya menjadi target destinasi turis tersebut. Melihat banyaknya wisata alam yang berbeda-beda, mulai dari sumber air panas, air terjun, hingga bukit yang bisa dijadikan tempat camping  dengan pemandangan yang tentunya menakjubkan.

Sebenarnya masih banyak yang akan saya jabarkan, namun berikanlah kesempatan bagi saya untuk merekomendasikan anda menuju blog saya yang selanjutnya tentang Event Organizer dan Travel.

Monday, June 6, 2016

News Article

The Meaning of Life by a  secretary of English Literature Department

The Meaning of life  becomes a controversial issue in our society. In biology, life means moving, breathing, growing and reproducing. Furthermore, there are alot of theologians trying to give their opinion about the issue. They write their interpretations  in their books. On the other side,  Albert Camus quotes “you will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life”. From those statements, it is clear that everyone has their own interpratetion related to the meaning of their life. consequently, it is important to us to find more conciderations about the issue in order that we can interprate it wisely. Learning from an inspirative figure is an important way to do.

She is Indriyati hadiningrum, the 39-year-old woman working  as a lecturer at Jenderal Soedirman University. Teaching for almost everyday in a week, she understands her students’ characteristic well. She knows how to teach her students come from different background. So, her teaching method is very understandable.

In campus she is not only a lecturer thinking about teaching methods, but also a secretary of English Literature Department . her main responsibility as a secretary is managing the English literature Department. She has to know every event related to the course. It means that she has double job to do at the sama place. She frequently has to attend some meeting as a representative of the course. In spite of the  fact that she finds some problem in her jobs, she enjoy them very much.

Although she has a lot of responsibilities in campus, she joins some social organization. As an example, she becomes a volunteer in Indonesia Mengajar,  especially in inspiration class. She explains students in Indonesia Mengajar about her profession. Also, she join a company program of leadership training. She learns about enterpreneurship there.